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Offside Raglan Sew Along- day 3 (placket mod)

This is the "just-about-exactly-a-year-in-the-making" offside placket tutorial. This is definitely more of an intermediate to advanced modification.  I have tried to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible. Do not combine this with the sleeveless mod; This requires the full sleeve attacmhent to work. 

The pattern piece for this mod is up on Facebook in the files section of the Sew and Chat group.

Anyone who submits a picture of this placket mod will be entered to win TWO free patterns!

Offside Raglan Sew Along - Part 2 (sleeveless mod)

If you are interested in how to make the offside raglan (or any raglan, really) into a sleeveless tank, here is a video showing you how! If you need help with the curve of the arm opening, feel free to use any set in sleeve bodice as a template; you can layer it over the sleeve, align the armpit points and the neckline, and just copy the curve! This mod is rated intermediate since it includes a little more guesswork and intuition in attaching the sleeve to the attachment. Confident beginners should be able to pull this off, as well.

Offside Raglan Sew Along Part 1

Welcome to the DBD Offside Raglan Sew Along!