March 2018

Everyone deserves a chance (to save money)


It's SO frustrating when businesses you have purchased from start offering a code to "new members only" or "first purchase" code. 


Which is why we aren't doing that.


We are offering everyone a one-time code for 20% off. Use it now, use it next year. Buy one things, buy all the things. It's your code, your choice, your savings.

But once you use it, it's gone. Choose wisely (or don't choose and just add all to cart. I don't judge.)


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Battle of the stretches

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For anyone who began their sewing journey using wovens, one of the biggest adjustments to make when sewing knits is getting the stiches right. When you are making a quilt or basic pajama pants, a basic straight stitch will take you from start to finish. When working with knit, the sitches have to move with the fabric or the stitches will pop leaving holes in your seam that just get worse with time. 

Testing, testing 1,2... is this thing on?

Testing is a crucial part of pattern development. Through testing, everything from fit to assembly from, grammar to syntax, from instructions to final tiling, are scrutinized by several testers over several rounds.   

Because it is such an important step, most pattern designers work with a core group of people who have proven themselves over many testing cycles to be reliable in their work, feedback, and promotion.