Adding ease to the hips of the WRCT

Adding ease to a pattern with a plani and separate front and back piece is pretty straight forward. Things become a little more complicated when the pattern is color blocked, and when one of the color blocks wraps around from the back to the front of the shirt, all bets are off. 

The WRCT is one of my favorite patterns, but it is also one of the most difficult to grade out at the hips. Many people size up entirely, which works but is not ideal. In this blog post, I will show you how easy it can be to add ease to the hips of this fan favorite. 


You will need:


RAWR nursing hack - guest blog post

Many of you saw the amazing RAWR nursing hack that Krissy Haines posted a little while ago. The snaps not only added functionality, but they also look awesome! I will let her tell you how to get this look. For the next week, the RAWR will be only $5 so snap it up and get this look today! 

I am Krissy, ASL interpreter by day, mom of enough kids to start my own sports team by night. Sewing is my therapy and my kids know if mama is sewing, do not disturb! 

Rocket Pocket (or, how to make those awesome shaped pocket openings!)

People have been posting pictures of the TPT (or Treasure Pocket Tee for those of you new to the Duck Butt Designs world) with funky shaped pocket openings. By far the most popular is the star shape, but there was an awesome bat one as well (seriously, you should check out the wings under the sleeves.)

This Pinterest-worthy look is super impressive, but also pretty simple. Here's how to make almost any shape you can think of!

Treasure Pocket Tee Twirler Hack (April Fool's featuring guest blogger Annelise Pyne of Elliedactyl Designs)

**TNT Pattern piece available in the files section at DBD Sew and Chat on Facebook***

Serging curves

I had been sewing for years before I had a serger in my arsenal. To be honest, when I received it, I thought it was superfluous (I wasn't sewing with knit back then as much) but nice to have. Fast forward a few years and I can't imagine my life without it. It is my workhorse, and we are best friends. 

Those first few months, however, were a struggle. Uneven edges. Loopers off the fabric. And most troublesome of all, curves.