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Hey y'all, we have been EXTREMELY fortunate to have a wonderful guest blogger today! Michelle Racher is an amazing mom, sewist, friend, champoin, and all around great person.

Solid Fabric Roundup


Who has solids, what kind, weight, width of fabric, price per unit, with links! If someone is missing, PLEASE have them PM me via Facebook at

In No Particular Order 

Wanderlust Custom Fabric

plush, heathered, and silky 220-230 gsm; 74",  95/5% cotton lycra, $11.50/yard. Yard dyed stripes also available. 

Sahara Fabrics

50 solids and 20 yard dyed stripes; 12oz, 66" wide; 95/5% cotton lycra, sold as yards, 1.5 yards, or FH, $9.80/Yard

Never have I ever...

If you're here, you must need to kill a few minutes while your coffee finishes brewing. Why not take this fun quiz? Check off all of the sewing techniques you have done, and find out what level sewer (sewist/seamstress/seamster/etc) you are!


**Please note: This is just for fun, not a scientific instrument that will stand up to academic rigour.**

Well, well, welt.

You all asked for it, so here it is! A tutorial on how to create a welt pocket. 

Too often, people are intimidated by this technique, but if you can sew a straight line (and pivot at a corner) and fold fabric, you can make a welt pocket with ease. 

The size of the size problem

Marilyn Monroe was a classic bombshell who had it all; fame, fortune, fans, lovers, and a legacy that continues to influence modern culture and fashion today. To think that she was a size 16; a plus size! Oh, how the times of changed!

Truth be told, times haven’t changed much: the industry has.

Everyone deserves a chance (to save money)


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Battle of the stretches

Preview Image: 


For anyone who began their sewing journey using wovens, one of the biggest adjustments to make when sewing knits is getting the stiches right. When you are making a quilt or basic pajama pants, a basic straight stitch will take you from start to finish. When working with knit, the sitches have to move with the fabric or the stitches will pop leaving holes in your seam that just get worse with time. 

Testing, testing 1,2... is this thing on?

Testing is a crucial part of pattern development. Through testing, everything from fit to assembly from, grammar to syntax, from instructions to final tiling, are scrutinized by several testers over several rounds.   

Because it is such an important step, most pattern designers work with a core group of people who have proven themselves over many testing cycles to be reliable in their work, feedback, and promotion.  

Flat out flat

Color blocked garments are really in right now. Whether it's the myriad of Euro patterns or the catalogue from DBD (or other fantastic designers like Elliedactyl), they are wonderful for using scraps, making good use of coordinates, and they're just plain fun.

The downside is, of course, that the nature of colorblocking means many seams on the inside of the shirt. 

For many people, this is a deal breaker. Whether it's an issue of sensory aversion, sensitive skin, or just plain preference. 

Throw it in revers(ible)

My kids think reversible shirts are magical and, after making a few, I'm inclined to agree!

When I first started sewing, I thought "I'll just make two shirts, sew them together, and turn them right side out!" (It did not go well.)